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need some extra work

I have a full-time job that I love but it does not pay the bills not even close I'm a nurse to disabled children in their homes and of course their Medicaid children so I make barely more than minimum wage. I need extra jobs please if you have something let me know I have a mortgage and most importantly little girls to take care of
I was badly injured 11 months ago I have been in physical therapy for 3 months now and I'm a ton better like 80% better. I still have to be careful but there isn't much I can't do. it's lifting and things like that I can't do but anything else I pretty much can. I just have to be careful when I do it so please give me a chance. Anything you need done I can do I just have to be careful and I can't lift things. I fell out of a tree rescuing a family pet and my heroics if you can call them that some people just call it stupidity LOL ended up with me having broken nearly every bone in my body on the right side. but that was a while back and I'm ready to get back to it before I lose everything .I used to do a lot of house cleaning and a few massages also took care of quite a few disabled an elderly people in the evenings to get them ready for bed and stuff like that make sure they have their medications and I see no reason why I can't do that again if you will just give me a chance

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