Mother's Day Luxurious Bath Soap Package - $30 (Calallen/Corpus Christi Area)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: www.SabaoSoul.com
size / dimensions: 6x6x6
The luxurious bath experience provides you a complete package of soul cleansing homemade products. All natural ingredients and created in small batches.

These include:
2 Body Bars - one made with Goat Milk and the other made with real silk. Both of these bars are creamy, soothing, moisturizing and scented with a variety of essential oils each month. (Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, TeaTree/Lavender, and other holiday specific scents)
1 Shampoo Bar - This bar replaces a typical 32 oz shampoo of bottle. Most will provide 60 to 70 hair washings but depends on hair length and proper bar care
1 Facial Bar - This bar includes cocoa and shea butter along with all natural oils and Vitamin E.
1 Body Message/Exfoliating Bar - On one side of the bar are finger like extensions to message those sore spots. The other side is an exfoliating bar with coffee grounds and tea leaves. The exfoliating side is not for use on face or sensitive skin areas.
1 Loofa Bar - This bar contains a loofa embedded within the bar. As you use the bar, the loofa will continue to be exposed. This loofa is rough until water is absorbed into its fibers.
3 Shower Steamers - These are similar to bath bombs but used in the shower. All you do is place it on the floor opposite side of shower head and enjoy the aromatherapy while you shower. These cannot be used in a bathtub.

Will schedule drop off or pick-up location.

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