Lehman Rotary Hoe Wanted (Corpus Christi and surrounding area)

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condition: salvage
make / manufacturer: Lehman
Back in the mid to late 1900's there was a manufacture of farm implements in Corpus Christi by the name of Lehman Implemnet Co.
One of the implements that they manufactured was a Rotary Hoe which went through several modifications to its "tiller wheels" as the years went on.
I have several examples of one of them but there is one that has escaped my "collection" and I only have the attched, less than perfect pictures of it. Picture # 1 is of the implement with its tiller wheels attched. Pic's #2 and #3 are "close ups" of the tiller wheels -- I wish that the pictures were of better quality -- sorry !!
The tiller wheels in these three pictures are "similar" to the tiller wheel in Pic# 4 which was also made by Lehman.
The big differance in the two different styles of tiller wheels is that the ones in Pic #1 thru #3 appear to have been manufactured with intened "holes" at the base of each tine ( you may have to look carefully to see them ). These holes may have filled with dirt and later ones ( as in Pic #4 ) were made without those holes and to add weight to the tiller wheels.
I am hoping to find one or more and am willing to pay a fair price for them -- that price would depend upon their condition. Pictures required so that I can confirm what you might have IS what I am hoping to find.
You may have one of these implements hiding in the grass or just not having been used for years. For history sake I am trying to keep the last one(s) from being shiiped to China for scrap iron.
ANY help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated !!!!
Thank you !!

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