Looking for new home - $200 (Bishop)

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This is "Sensei" she Has a very high prey drive. Will go after raccoons will flush out birds.
Will chase rabbit, hog, cats, you Name it. She loves water , She's not afraid of rain. Will lay in puddles. she goes in and out of thick brush her favorite is golden bamboo She goes in and out of it with ease.
She has killed many of my chickens and has even gone after my goats. She's Australian shepherd mix. She will make a great hunting dog. She is a working dog. Though She loves kids, she doesn't know her own strength. I wouldn't say she's the perfect family dog because she's very active high energy and really just wants to go out and hunt more than anything in the world.
As for getting along with other dogs. I think she's fine. I wanna say her high energy will get her in trouble.
With older dogs. She plays with my neighbors chihuahua all the time. she's going to be two years old december eleven.
I have used an electric shock caller on her, so she is used to that.
Doesn't do too well on a leash. She likes to go out and scout.
$200 OBO I've put work into her.
I hold my hand out in front of me with my Palm facing her as a stop motion, she knows she needs to come to me, When I say "sensei home" is when I'm going to put her in her kennel and she heads to her kennel. When I let her scout, I say" find it!"And I clap my hands Signaling to her that there is something out in the brush that she needs to look for whether it be a cat, a raccoon, a hog. A bird. Or nothing at all. But she's on the prowl for any movement. She will eat fresh raw Quail and chicken and dry dog food.
No matter what I try to keep her from eating my chickens and going after my goats.
Just simply in her DNA and I don't want to change that. It's what she's bred to do. It's what she likes to do.
So I have to rehome her because I can't give her that Thrill of hunting.

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